Welcome to Roset panorama!

Roset panorama is a part of the farm Ekrehaugen in Stryn located on the west coast of Norway.
We have cows for dairy and cabin rental.

Hans- Erik and Marianne

We are the owners of the farm and the cottages. Marianne grew up on this farm and we took over this farm in 2020. Marianne is educated teacher in science but will now try to work fulltime on the farm, where she tries to learn the art of being a farmer and cabinretal her father. Hans-Erik is works as a sosial worker in the municipality. Together with our three children, we can give you good tips for family activities in the local area.

Rune and Jorunn

This is the oldest generation on the farm, and they are still active in the farming and the cabin rental. With a lot of knowledge and willingness to work, they are very important for the new owners.

Our home

Roset panorama is a part of the farm Ekrehaugen in Stryn on the west coast of Norway. This farm has been in the family for generations and has in recent years expanded with cabin rental in addition to dairy. Here live 3 generations together. The cabins have been made over several years, where much of the material has been traveled from their own farm and the work has largely been done by the people of the house. Here is our location.